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Ladies leather belts: the accessory that stands out your line.

A touch of class that can have a formidable impact on your look: your woman belt mad with fabulous leather, your secret weapon that can enhance any outfit. The leather belt for the female world is as important as any other leather accessory: it has the advantage of not being a seasonal object, therefore a black belt can be worn both in summer and in winter; its size, thickness, color, shape of the buckle, the pattern, are all elements that can make your outfit irresistible. We at Fantini Pelletteria offer a wide selection of ladies leather belts of different types: belts for elegant clothes, elastic belts, belts with jewels and much more. The secret of a woman with style is in the attention to detail, and the leather belt is definitely a small accessory that can make a big difference. Weather you like a sportive and classic belt or you are more into the waisted belts, we always recommend to choose a leather one, because of its long lasting and functionality over time.

Where aesthetics meet craftsmanship: womens belts.

At the base of the Fantini Pelletteria philosophy there is a very important principle: finding the right balance between tastes and trendy shapes and the classic artisan technique that makes each of our products unique. The woman leather belt is an article of great importance for us. Belts may seem simple and easy to find, but quality ones are very rare: not being a seasonal accessory or one that follows a particular fashion, when the belt is in leather it becomes part of our wardrobe for a lifetime, because the products Fantini Pelletteria are all studied, designed and created to have a long life and maximum comfort. Look into our collections, check the leather belt that most suits your expectations and add value to your style with your new fresh lady belt.