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“Each has its own style, bag and life. Looking inside the first, you understand many things about the second. ”- Paola Jacobbi. The leather bags , as well as the women who carry them, are a beautiful mystery to discover. This accessory, which was originally intended for men, was born in leather and that is why it is the best material to make these objects, our shop is in fact attentive to the processing of the various leathers it deals with, thus offering high quality products. Over the centuries, the bag has become part of women's everyday life, adapting to the changes and needs of the various eras, developing in shape, structure and colors, until it becomes an icon of style and a symbol of female emancipation. Nowadays, the bag can never be missing in an outfit, which makes every woman who wears it safer, more comfortable and elegant.

Women's Leather Bags: many handmade models Made in Italy

If you are looking for affordable and high quality handcrafted women's bags, you are in the right place! Each of our items is in fact made in Italy with fine leathers, Italian metal accessories and sensational finishes. You will find the best hand, shoulder and crossbody bags handmade at Fantini Pelletteria. If you want a women's bag for your work, for university or for your free time, let yourself be overwhelmed by the many colors and types of leathers in our collection. In order not to miss any news, on our website you can also find leather belts, to complete your every look!

Leather handbags, shoulder bags and shoulder bags: discover the latest trends

Our collections of genuine leather women's handbags open your world to new shopping opportunities, in fact they are the number one ally for all women. All Fantini Pelletteria bags have one common feature: they are handcrafted high quality leather goods, entirely made, designed and produced in Italy. Select your style, look for the leather bag that best represents your personality or the accessory you need for your special occasions. The number one leather goods site in Italy has selected for you numerous models of handcrafted leather bags and always updates its collections with new and trendy products, also if you love to travel but with style on our site miss the leather travel bags, spacious and comfortable. We also offer a wide range of colors: you can indulge your imagination and create all possible combinations, in order to try both bright and cheerful colors or opt for more classic alternatives. Unleash your creativity and express your passion for fashion and leather to the fullest.

Leather Bags: choose your style with Fantini Pelletteria!

Our handcrafted bags are made by skilled artisans, attentive to the processing of leather and to the smallest details of each item. Every woman can find on our site the bag that best suits her tastes, in fact we offer a wide choice of models: trunk, shopper, briefcase, frame ... Each item is available in different colors, from the most classic ones such as brown, black, honey and blue to more particular and lively tones such as red, yellow and powder. Choose the bag that's right for you, indulge yourself with the different colors and shapes, because daring is never too much! If you are looking for other extraordinary and high quality accessories, our leather backpacks signed by Fantini Pelletteria are for you your!

Women's favorite accessory? The leather bags

Heels, bracelets, necklaces? No, women's favorite accessory is the bag, whether it is large, small, sporty or elegant, it is always essential. Our bags are stylish and stylish, with fine metal inlays that will blow your mind. Our leather models feature external flaps with special closures that will give an original touch to your style! In addition, there are also bags with zip closure, practical and never banal. From the most capacious to the most refined, our handbags have zippers and numerous internal pockets, to carry make-up, cell phone, documents, books and much more. In addition to the house keys, however, one thing that can never be missing in a woman's bag is one of our leather wallets, in fact if you are interested in handcrafted leather models made in Italy, our shop offers a wide choice!