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Backpack, which was born as a necessary accessory to carry objects, has suffered different transformations over time, from simple baskets held together by ropes, we arrived at the leather backpack , a prestigious accessory that makes the person wearing it equally important. From school, to work, to free time, the backpack can never be missing women's wardrobe, by now a product that is too fashionable, cheeky and practical to be left behind!

Leather Backpack: your style is unique, free your femininity

Our handcrafted women's rucksacks will give practicality and a touch of elegance to your everyday life. Discover our new collection and choose your leather backpack, let yourself be attract from the hottest trend of the moment. Today all backpacks have become a fashion universal, what years ago was seen almost exclusively as an accessory has now become an ally for all women. Let it be a backpack functional, elegant, a classic model or with a modern style, always wears on your shoulders one of our fantastic handcrafted leather backpacks , contemporary must-haves.

Models of handcrafted Women's Leather Rucksacks: what Fantini Pelletteria can offer you

Having almost 40 years of experience in the leather goods sector, we have chosen for online sales of the collections of leather backpacks that they know how to satisfy and find a right balance for each personality. The beauty and usefulness of our female backpacks lies in the fact that all are multifunctional, both for the amount of pockets and internal zippers that for the structure and shaping of the backpack. Of any size and style, every woman can find the perfect best friend at Fantini Pelletteria: classic collections, with types of leather which tend more on the natural, such as light brown or dark brown, characteristic of the our vintage leather backpacks; modern collections, with more particular workings and choices of most sought after leathers, as well as being accessorized with fashionable and trendy details. In alternative you could opt for our business collection, created to give our backpacks one ideal size to hold computers, tablets and A4 sheets, with one division highly professional and practical interior. If you are looking for our famous ones women's rucksacks in washed leather or a classic backpack to go to school or university, you will find many models with online compartments for these utilities. Let yourself be carried away in the world of Fantini Pelletteria, look for the models that are right for you and make your days light and stylish.

Comfort and elegance, a Women's day with her Backpack

Wallet, makeup, glasses, pen and notebook, cellphone, books. The leather bags always represent your days full of commitments and outings. For this only one handbag may not be enough ... You may need a comfortable, roomy leather rucksack , but never out of fashion. Our collection offers a wide range of items suitable for every occasion, whether for a train ride or a bike ride, but why not for healthy shopping with friends or an aperitif under the golden hour lights. Our products made in Italy by artisans attentive to the quality of the leather and its processing, are perfect to complete your every look, in fact they are available in different colors, from the most vivid like red, yellow and pink to more classic ones like black, brown and honey. That you you wear high heels or sneakers one of our backpack will be perfect for your style, which can be completed with one of our leather belts signed Fantini Pelletteria present on the site.

Fantini Pelletteria Leather Rucksack, choose yours!

The Backpack has always been an excellent ally for women, as well as being a practical accessory it is also elegant and fashionable. Fantini Pelletteria offers different types of backpacks, with shoulder straps adjustable and comfortable, external and internal pockets that can hold books, tablets, camera and more. They are produced in various sizes and shapes, you just have to choose the model that best suits your needs and tastes! They can be carried on the shoulder, a hand and arm everywhere and in every situation. Don't give up on comfort and refinement, choose one of our leather backpack , of high quality craftsmanship! If you don't want to miss any opportunity, on our site there are also handmade leather holdalls.