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Which is the right men leather wallet for you?

The genuine leather men's wallet may always seem the same, but in reality it hides many small details that make it unique according to our needs and tastes. First of all, there are those who love it with soft leather and those who prefer it with stiffer leather. Then there is the size: in recent years there are mainly three categories of men wallets that are emerging: the first is the small men's wallet, smaller than the classic models, but which is always an excellent compromise between comfort and space available, usablealso as a cards holder; the second very trendy model is the wallet with the money clip, in which banknotes no longer fit into the appropriate compartment but are secured thanks to a metal relay inside the men wallet itself; and finally the third type of modern leather wallet are the vertical men's ones, which have the same functionality as the classic men's wallets but with a more contemporary shape, suitable as a cards holder.

Men's wallets of all tastes, contemporary and handcrafted.

Don't miss the opportunity to combine other beautiful leather accessories with your unique and trusted men's wallet in real leather. There are numerous other interesting and comfortable objects that can fit comfortably in your pocket: leather cards holder, men's coin purse, leather key holder, men's leather document holder, card holder, zip wallet, money wallet and much more! Small leather accessories are precious goods that keep all your needs safe and in good condition. Visit the world of Fantini Pelletteria, search the descriptions of our articles for the leather wallets for men with the ideal characteristics that are right for you!