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Backpacks have always been used to carry objects, but today as well as being functional and practical accessories, they are also designed and packaged to complete every outfit, giving style and particularity to the men who wear them, in short, they are real garments high fashion! The leather with which they are made, which is still the best material today, is resistant, flexible and guarantees high quality to the product.

Mens Leather Backpacks: comfort, look and lifestyle

If there is one thing that cannot be missing from the accessories of every male, it is certainly the leather backpack. In recent years it is a growing trend, there are many types of backpacks: sporty, for school, for work, vintage backpacks, elegant for going out at night and, par excellence, men's leather backpacks. We at Fantini Pelletteria have idealized, designed and created numerous collections of men's leather backpacks , to meet the needs of each person looking for the perfect backpack for their needs: backpacks with zip or button closures, men's vintage backpacks with soft and washed leathers to give a touch of originality to your style, work backpacks ideal for carrying everything you need for the office, from computers to folders to documents, smaller backpacks for every day, elegant and practical to be used both for traveling and for excursions away from home. A whole world to discover, and Fantini Pelletteria offers you some beautiful examples of handcrafted leather backpacks that will become companions of adventures for your whole life, so you don't miss any news on our site, the men leather belts, to complete your look.

Each Men's Leather Rucksack is a piece of history that tells itself

The strength of our leather goods, especially for men's leather backpacks, lies precisely in the long and meticulous creation process that takes place behind the scenes: the analysis of trend models, the search for new shapes and innovative details. , the experimentation of new leathers and light and resistant materials, the individualization of colors in vogue that can meet the tastes of each person and finally the hand-crafted production, the part to which we at Fantini Pelletteria give more care and importance in order to create backpacks that last forever. Color is also a fundamental aspect for choosing the perfect men's leather backpack : while some people prefer the classic black leather backpack, ideal for any occasion and less intrusive, many of our customers love many others shades of the most popular colors: for example our collection of vintage men's backpacks offers very suggestive colors of light brown and dark brown, thanks to a washing process of the skin that makes it nuanced and original; or, another much loved category of men's backpack is that made of leather: mainly brown, blue, black and red, in fact this material is a type of tanned leather and the classic colors best express its quality; leather backpacks have the particularity of being very resistant and ruining over time: no problem, because precisely because they are used and scratched they acquire their particularity and originality. Furthermore, for many years we at Fantini Pelletteria have also specialized in doctor's bags, on the site you will find different models and colors, choose your!

Mens Leather Backpack, choose a handcrafted one Fantini Pelletteria!

On Fantini Pelletteria you can find the shape and model of the men's leather backpack that is right for you! Our site presents different types of backpacks, from the most classic and professional ones to the most particular ones to show off with alternative looks. Our backpacks are capacious, to contain computers and books if you are a student, but also clothes and shoes if you love to travel and are a sportier person or objects of work if you are an employee or freelancer, who always wants to be fashionable even on the workplace. Our backpacks are particular, original and feature metallic pockets and zippers that complete the unique design of these items. The leather with which they are made is the leather par excellence, of high quality, which is not lacking even in the finished product, checked in detail and elegantly finished. The men's backpacks feature adjustable shoulder straps, but can also be carried by hand when lighter with the comfortable strap. The colors available in our collection are different, ranging from the more classic colors such as brown and black that distinguish the elegant man, to more particular ones such as navy blue, which will give a touch of mystery and charm to your every look. These backpacks can have various closures, from the classic zipper to the buttons, with metal details to perfect the product. Inside every backpack you can never miss the men's leather wallet, choose this item signed by Fantini Pelletteria on our website , to never give up on Italian artisan quality.

Your Men's Leather Rucksack by Fantini Pelletteria

Backpacks are useful accessories as they allow you to carry various objects with you, they can be used while taking a picnic on a bicycle, on the train or bus, in the office, at school. Your wardrobe cannot miss a men's leather backpack by Fantini Pelletteria, which offers both practicality and beauty. Choose the color and style that best suits your personality, match it with your clothes and show off your new backpack everywhere. With Fantini Pelletteria you will also find comfortable and elegant leather belt bags, adjustable, practical and handcrafted.