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The Beauty Case has a history that dates back to Ancient Egypt, when it was still highly decorated display cases, which then evolved over time. To arrive at a prototype of beauty as we know it today, however, we will have to wait until the 20s of the last century, when these objects began to have the classic trunk shape with compartments and containers to tidy up all the toiletries. These handcrafted leather items represent comfort and elegance and this prestigious and resistant material is worked with care and in detail, to offer such high quality. Our beauty cases in leather by Fantini Pelletteria embody style and utility.

Beauty-Case in handcrafted and Made in Italy leather

If you are looking for beauty cases made by skilled Italian artisans, you are in the right place! The processing of leather, a precious and luxury material, takes place in Italy, our shop is attentive to the quality of the product in every step of its production, so that the customer is offered a refined, beautiful and precise article. Our leather beauty cases are ideal for both women and men, comfortable, spacious and refined. In addition, on our site you will also find fantastic Italian leather pouches, adjustable and suitable to be carried anywhere!

Beauty in Leather, choose Fantini Pelletteria!

Our collection of leather and unisex beauty-cases, presents products designed in Italy of high leather goods. The leather beauty cases, with minute and rigorous finishes, are resistant and ready to face any adventure with you! In addition to having several internal compartments, they also feature zippered closures with pockets, to hold all the items you need for your body care, from make-up to toothbrush and toothpaste. Also at your disposal there are different colors, the most elegant black, honey a lively color, brown a great classic, choose the color that best suits your personality and your tastes! If you are a person who loves to travel, on our site there is also a wide selection of leather trolley! And with beauty and suitcase at your disposal, you just have to leave!

Leather Beauty Case: ready to travel!

The beauty-case can never be missing in your suitcase (look for the best leather travel bags on our website) of a self-respecting traveler. This leather bag with pockets and zippers is designed for all types of travel, in hotels, camping, for shorter trips or longer stays. Inside you can safely and hygienically store all the products for the care and cleaning of your person, with compartments for all bottles, perfumes and bathroom items. The beauty case in fact is functional to protect its contents from water and shocks. Our Made in Italy beauty-case is a classy accessory, which will make your holiday fashionable!

Choose your Travel Leather Beauty-Case

Creams, razors, make-up, toothpaste and toothbrush, soaps. Your trip must always be organized, so that you can move from destination to destination comfortably. Our leather beauty case is perfect for all your daily beauty-routine needs, in fact it can never be missing even in the bags of women who spend days away from home, between offices, leisure and personal commitments. With a beauty case you will always have everything you need for your well-being at your fingertips. Choose the model and style that best suits your itinerary and the beauty case will become your adventure companion!