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Handcrafted leather document holders made by hand

The resistance of the materials used and the handmade workmanship of our leather document holders will make you make a good impression with your colleagues and mostly with your customers. In fact, it is from the small details that you can see the professionalism and organization of a person in the workplace. Furthermore, to complete your office look, you can also combine your leather document holders with a wide choice of leather business briefcases, so you can always be professional and classy in every moment of your day.

Manage your day better with our leather document pouch

Practical to carry with you and elegant to show to colleagues and friends, the leather document holders, ideal for men and women, are irreplaceable companions in everyday life. Thanks to their countless compartments and pockets, our leather file folder organizer allow you to always have papers and office paperwork at hand, to be organized and efficient at every moment of the working day. The attention to detail and finishing adds a pinch of extra refinement to our handcrafted leather paper holder. To ensure you don't miss any news, also consult the collection of leather duffle bags on our website, which they can be useful if you are a business man or woman who has to move from one place to another for work, traveling on trains and taxis.

The leather document holders for men or women by Fantini Pelletteria, class, elegance and practicality in a single accessory

An always impeccable appearance is what every self-respecting business man and woman wants to have. How to do? Simple, by choosing the leather document case from Fantini Pelletteria. Our models, present in multiple colors and styles, are the emblem of elegance and refinement. In fact, in addition to being made with one of the most prestigious materials, they are worked by craftsmen who are attentive to the quality of the product, which is our first interest! Our leather pouch for documents have a sober and professional appearance, with elegant finishes and zip closure that make each model more refined and decorated. They can also have numerous compartments inside which allow you to reorder the various cards. In fact, our items are available both small, to contain credit cards, passport, driving license etc... but also large, in A4 format so you can also carry with you sheets, contracts and important documents. It is a handy, but also high fashion accessory that will complete your every look. Furthermore, for years our shop has been attentive to the production of leather doctors bags, which you can find on our site in different models and colors, choose yours.