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The fanny pack is gaining more and more popularity within the fashion world. It has always been identified as an accessory confined to the male world, the classic and typical men's belt bag, better understood as a men's leather belt bag. In recent years, in a very explosive way, this accessory has not only opened up to the female world, starting a real search for the trendiest and most fashionable women's fanny pack, but has also found a new way to present itself in men's fashion. Whether you are looking for a women's or men's fanny pack, at Fantini Pelletteria you are guaranteed to find innovative and fashionable models, which maintain the taste and classic look of the authentic leather fanny pack, adding a touch of contemporaneity and innovation. .

Choose style and comfort, wear our leather bum bag for a complete change of personality

By choosing the leather pouch you are not only making a choice of practicality, but also of style. All the essentials that you always want to carry with you in all your days, is now possible, without having to give up the freedom of movement. The women's article is designed not to be bulky and at the same time to be as capacious and versatile as possible; while the men's model has always been an accessory of fundamental utility, since the pockets of the trousers are not sufficient for all the needs of the modern world and wearing a men's bag could be cumbersome for certain habits. For years, our leather goods have also offered a wide selection of doctor's bag in handcrafted leather. Choose Fantini Pelletteria and embrace a world of style, movement and class.

Leather Bum Bag: trendy and absolutely practical accessories

For years our shop has been attentive to the choice of leather, a prestigious material that requires a long process, in which skilled artisans package and check the products in the smallest details, guaranteeing high quality. Leather is a resistant material, but at the same time also flexible and that is why it is the best for the production of fanny packs, suitable for both men and women. Our leather fanny packs have an original design and the models are suitable for all types of tastes. Our items are characterized by the presence of several external pockets on both the front and back with metallic zippers to hold various objects, because although they are not bulky accessories, they have a large capacity. The straps are adjustable and comfortable, so you can take your baby carrier anywhere. Our collection offers different colors, from the most classic and elegant ones such as black, blue and brown to the most vibrant tones such as red and yellow. Choose the model and color that best matches your look! In addition, on our site there are also different models of men's leather backpacks, handmade in Italy, not miss any news!

Woman and man: the Leather Bum Bag can never be missing in your wardrobe

With the frenetic pace of our days, a leather belt bag can never be missing in the wardrobe, in fact it is a practical accessory suitable for everyday life, depending on the model you can have a casual or more elegant, of different sizes and with more or less pockets. It adapts to any type of look, not only sporty like tracksuits and sneakers, but also with more refined and classy clothing. These accessories are perfect for taking anywhere, to the office, for shopping and for outdoor sports. In fact, the lacing at the waist allows great freedom of movement, but it can also be worn over the shoulder, in any case you will have your hands and pockets free. They can be filled with keys, mobile phone, make-up, wallet (do not miss the women's leather wallet) and much more!