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The Doctors Bag is a story of style and tradition. Since ancient times, when medical visits were at home and doctors had to carry their work tools with them, these bags have represented a great innovation. If in the accordion structure they remained faithful to the previous models, spacious and functional, the evolution can be seen in the beauty of these handcrafted leather products, which embody aesthetic values ​​and trends from past and modern eras. The quality of the material, which despite the use of machinery, still sees a strong point in the skill and manual skill of the craftsman, is what makes these Italian products original and prestigious.

Doctors Bag: high quality and Made in Italy craftsmanship

Choose your genuine leather doctor's bag on Fantini Pelletteria. It is about the most precious and inimitable handcrafted objects, in fact as well as being composed of quality raw materials, have a very long production process for which ad each doctor bag can be allocated up to about 3 hours of manpower. Our leather goods offer high quality Italian products made with carefully chosen materials and adds metal details that make our models unique and appreciated all over the world. Our site features several items, including our beloved leather backpacks, what are you waiting for? If you are interested, run to see the wide availability of products, suitable for every occasion and need.

A stylish Dr Bag for every doctor

Our bags collections are entirely Made in Italy. If you have your own dear just become a doctor or you have just become a doctor yourself, the gift best and most symbolic is definitely a gorgeous leather doctors bag handmade, which will accompany him throughout his career professional. In fact the sturdy leather of these bags, totally of Italian origin (Tuscany), is one of the most robust leather ever, and combined with our accessories first choice metals, fundamental for the structure of the article, makes these durable and reliable objects over the years.

Leather Doctors Bag: style and professionalism

Our bags can be a great gift for any new medical graduate: comfortable, safe, easy to handle and professional. Also perfect for specialists, primary, head nurse who for whole days move between the offices and the corridors of the hospital. In fact, they allow you to carry tools and documents with you while always maintaining style and seriousness! And after putting on a shirt and bag ... the final touch? One of our women leather wallets handcrafted and Made in Italy present in our Fantini Pelletteria collection.

Choose your color!

If you are a doctor who does not want to give up his own style and always be at the fashion even in the workplace, between clinics and departments, our doctor's bags are just the thing your! In fact they are available in different colors, so as to match your every look, that can be completed with one of our leather belts. Seriousness and elegance, the black is the right color to show your sophistication. Brown is a classic timeless to best express your professionalism. Honey one of several bright and cheerful colors available in our series!

Your Doctors Bag in handcrafted and Italian leather

"Either you are a work of art or you wear it." - Oscar Wilde. An elegant doctors bag who will complement your image as a confident and competent doctor. The doctor, a figure of respect and esteem and if you do not want to be outdone… Here is our selection, choose the doctor bag that reflects your style more and don't miss the other designer products Fantini Pelletteria!