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Fantini Pelletteria leather doctor bags: quality and craftsmanship

Our leather doctor bags are among the most precious and inimitable handcrafted objects, in fact, in addition to being composed of valuable raw materials, they have a very long production process for which each doctors bag can be allocate up to approximately 3 hours of labor. Our leather goods offer high quality products made with carefully chosen materials and add metal details that make our leather dr bag models unique and appreciated all over the world. Our site presents various articles, including our beloved leather backpacks, what are you waiting? If you are interested, come and see the vast availability of products, suitable for every occasion and need.

Your Italian handcrafted leather doctor handbag

Our collections of doctors bags are made entirely by hand with top quality leather. If you have a loved one who has just become a doctor or you yourself have just become one, the best and most symbolic gift is certainly a splendid handmade leather doctor bag, which will accompany him throughout the course of his life and professional career. The sturdy leather of these bags, entirely of Italian origin, is one of the most resistant leathers ever, and combined with our first choice metal accessories, fundamental for the structure of the item, makes these objects durable over time and reliable over the years.

Leather doctors bag: style and professionalism

Our doctors bags can be an excellent gift for any new medical graduate: comfortable, safe, easy to handle and professional. Also perfect for specialists, head physicians and head nurses who move around the offices and corridors of the hospital for entire days. In fact, they allow you to carry tools and documents with you while always maintaining style and seriousness! On our site you can find different models and colors, from the leather doctors bag vintage to the more classic or modern one, from more elegant and classic colors such as black and brown, up to the more lively and original ones such as red and yellow. And after donning a doctor's bag and coat, the finishing touch? One of our handcrafted leather wallets present in our Fantini Pelletteria collection.